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Bow To Your Left

Swan's busking

One of my fav's from this summer 🙂


Beautiful Prom Portraits at the Scarborough Bluffs

Friday was an awesome day! I have to admit that I was a little hesitant to have this shoot because of the overhead sun, but it didn’t turn out so bad (we didn’t start until about 3:30pm).

Danielle and Shane were a wonderful couple and I’d also have to thank Danielle’s Father (and my friend) for being the perfect V.A.L.S. (Voice Activated Light Stand)…lol.

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More photos can be found on my site at jasoncatephotography.com

A First for Me!

Last Thursday, I went to scout a location because I had a prom portrait shoot there on the following day. Bluffer’s Park, located in south Scarborough, Ontario, Canada isn’t an overly huge park, but it is very wide.

Bluffer's Park

Entrance to the Marina

There will some more photos to follow, but the reason for this post is quite simple. For the first time ever, I attempted to create a panoramic shot of a point that lead out into Lake Ontario. I had absolutely no idea how this was going to turn out. Hand-holding the camera and the sun was setting I simply took 4 consecutive frames of the point pivoting at the waist, and here is the result…

Pano shot of a point at Bluffer's Park

Using my 70-300mm @112mm f8 and ISO 200, the 4 shots were taken at 1/500th of the second.

The photo was stitched in CS4 and while the overall composition isn’t perfect, I’m quite amazed at just how this turned out! 🙂 More photos from Bluffer’s Park to follow…stay tuned.

I’m not a millionaire…but wouldn’t it be nice?

That is the theme I’ve been running into lately 😛

After starting my business, I had this extremely expensive plan to borrow ALOT of money so I could get all the “standard” gear I would need to shoot any given situation. Then reality sank in.

The truth is…I love my photography, it makes me creative, happy and very passionate. I had to really sit back and think about the options I had going into this season. Yes, it would be nice to have all the fast glass I need, the backups, the filters and all the other accessories I wanted. But the truth is (with having a business open for less than a couple of months), I really didn’t want to have a loan payment of a couple hundred dollars a month (for 10 years) to satisfy my “gearhead” cravings. I have a daytime job that pays well and my photography is something that I can go to if I need to get away from the stresses of life for a while, because it’s fun. After seriously thinking about this situation, incurring a loan payment which would force me to make money and all the stresses that go with it, I realized that it would take away from the passion I have for photography and turn it into just another job.

So with that said, I’m going easy on the wallet book this year and I’m only going to purchase one piece of fast glass, and I would like your help 🙂 This is my year of gaining experience. While I’m pretty confident with portrait and family shoots, I’m definitely lacking in the wedding and model departments. With that being said, I’m hoping to assist several times this year to get a feel for it and I’d like to know;

With the above mentioned venues, and only being able to purchase one piece of glass this year, would you purchase a;

  1. 24-70mm 2.8
  2. 70-200mm 2.8
  3. other piece of glass

I look forward to reading and taking all your comment into consideration 🙂

8 Podcasts an up and coming Photographer should have in the Ear

Over the past year or so, I’ve become almost addicted to listening to photography podcasts. And why not? Podcasts are a great source of FREE information! And most have some sort of blog or website attached to them that allows you to be interactive with the hosts and all the others listening in. Some even have contests for submitting your photos or even prizes for said contests. This is simply my list and I just want to state for the record right now that it doesn’t matter whether you are a Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Sony, Olympus, Panasonic, etc. shooter, all of these podcasts have information valuable to any photog of any genre. (I’m a Nikon shooter and 4 of the 8 podcast hosts use Canon….and I still listen to them….HA! 😛 ) The list isn’t in any particular order…just go an subscribe to them on iTunes or their sites.

Full Framewww.perpetualradio.com/fullframe

Full Frame is a relatively new podcast with a sightly different twist. It’s a Canadian podcast that has all the general photography content, but it also focuses on local and canadian social content (photowalks,meetups,contests,etc).

Hosted by Nile Livesey with co-hosts Chris Luckhardt, Ren Bostelaar and Mark Shannon

This Week in Photo www.thisweekinphoto.com

This weekly show, although heavily geared towards photography and your D-SLR, may contain traces of something Fred like to call “Multimediography”…as well as nodes, latex and saugsages.

Hosted by Frederick Van Johnson – Co-Hosts Alex Lindsay, Joseph Linaschke, Ron Brinkmann, Steve Simon, Aaron Mahler


On the 5,15 and 25 of each and every month, Scott Bourne and special guest answer all your questions from start to finish. Super informative!!

Hosted by Scott Bourne

Going Pro 2010www.goingpro2010.com

Starting your photog business? Or maybe struggling with your current one? This show provides tips from the pros about business, marketing and strategies.

Hosted by Scott Bourne and Skip Cohen

MBP Podcast www.martinbaileyphotography.com

Based out of Japan, Martin Bailey is someone that I (and many others) have a lot of respect for. His passion for nature and wildlife is something I aspire to. He runs his podcast as well as a blog, forums, member galleries, monthly contests and so much more. Look him up, you won’t be disappointed.

Hosted by Martin Bailey

Camera Dojowww.cameradojo.com

Primarily and product and wedding photog, Kerry Garrison hosts a very informative show with some of the industry leaders. Well worth listening to!

Hosted by Kerry Garrison

Canon Bloggerwww.cannonblogger.com

Jason Anderson provides an awesome show by sharing news, tips and tricks. His guests are second to none and he also runs a monthly contest with some great prizes. All levels of photog’s need to listen to his podcast.

Hosted by Jason Anderson

The Image Doctorswww.theimagedoctors.com

The Image Doctors (Jason and Rick) host a bi-weekly podcast geared towards, but not limited to, the Nikon user. While the gear they talk about is pretty much Nikon only, these nature, landscape,wildlife photog’s share a wealth of information that can used by all photographers!

Hosted by Jason Odell and Rick Walker

Lens Flare 35www.lensflare35.com

Although I have just recently started listening to Dave’s podcast, I’ve been totally drawn in 🙂 Lens Flare 35 is an awesome show that delivers information from all aspects of photography. From tips and tricks, to artistic styles, marketing, interviews from the pros and yes, even photog’s that still use film 😛

Hosted by Dave Warner

If you are a photographer and you strive to learn more about the industry or your niche, I strongly recommend that you listen to all of these shows. Just not at the same time, that could be confusing 😛

EDIT:  I wanted to mention as well that all hosts and co-hosts name are linked to their Twitter accounts…follow them and thank them for all the amazing work they do!