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I’m not a millionaire…but wouldn’t it be nice?

That is the theme I’ve been running into lately 😛

After starting my business, I had this extremely expensive plan to borrow ALOT of money so I could get all the “standard” gear I would need to shoot any given situation. Then reality sank in.

The truth is…I love my photography, it makes me creative, happy and very passionate. I had to really sit back and think about the options I had going into this season. Yes, it would be nice to have all the fast glass I need, the backups, the filters and all the other accessories I wanted. But the truth is (with having a business open for less than a couple of months), I really didn’t want to have a loan payment of a couple hundred dollars a month (for 10 years) to satisfy my “gearhead” cravings. I have a daytime job that pays well and my photography is something that I can go to if I need to get away from the stresses of life for a while, because it’s fun. After seriously thinking about this situation, incurring a loan payment which would force me to make money and all the stresses that go with it, I realized that it would take away from the passion I have for photography and turn it into just another job.

So with that said, I’m going easy on the wallet book this year and I’m only going to purchase one piece of fast glass, and I would like your help 🙂 This is my year of gaining experience. While I’m pretty confident with portrait and family shoots, I’m definitely lacking in the wedding and model departments. With that being said, I’m hoping to assist several times this year to get a feel for it and I’d like to know;

With the above mentioned venues, and only being able to purchase one piece of glass this year, would you purchase a;

  1. 24-70mm 2.8
  2. 70-200mm 2.8
  3. other piece of glass

I look forward to reading and taking all your comment into consideration 🙂


Photography Event at Chuck E Cheese’s -Whitby, Ontario

Another tough challenge with photographing a birthday party in a very dim set-up 😛 My SB-900 stayed on all the time and I used 3 different lenses to capture different moments; 50mm 1.8, 24-120 3.5-5.6 and my 70-300mm 4-5.6. I ended up with some half decent shots not really knowing what to expect.

And this last photo is a selective colour shot which is something that I love creating. What’s different though is I’ve added a boarder to it. Thanks to @martinbailey for sharing this wonderful LR2 plugin. There will be some fine tuning with it, I’m hoping to get some opinions on whether people like the framing or not. 🙂

1st Event of 2010 – Family/Portrait Photography at the Toronto Zoo

Saturday February 21st, some ol’ school friends (literally) took advantage of my offer to have some photo’s taken of their family. The Kelly’s suggested that we meet at the Toronto Zoo and see if we can’t come up with a couple of nice portraits of their daughter, Elizabeth.

It was a perfect day, sunny but very brisk. The major challenge for me was capturing moments in the midday sun without over exposing and blowing out highlights.

We stopped by the Tundra Trek first and visited the Polar Bears.

After the Tundra Trek, we decided to head inside to a pavilion where it was a little warmer…HUGE mistake a my part. I’ve heard it a million times on podcasts about transitioning from one extreme to another and what happens to your lenses, but do you think I listened? Noooooooooo 😛 My 24-120 was pretty much useless for the rest of the adventure…all fogged up : So I pulled out nifty fifty and my SB-900 for the indoor shots.

It was a great time, Elizabeth was a great sport and a cute subject!

Thanks to the Kelly Family for helping me out and I hope we can do it again some time. 🙂

Polar Bear Photography at the Zoo

Here are some shots of Polar Bears I took while at the Toronto Zoo.

My 365- Day 7