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My Photography Galleries have been cancelled

I wanted to let people know that effective immediately, I’ve cancelled my galleries/portfolio with Livebooks. I apologize if anyone gets dead links, but I’ll have another site up and running within a week or so


Toronto’s Red Rocket – Surface Level

Practicing Stop Motion Photography (Freeze Frame)

Nikon D90 with 24-120mm @45mm and f/4.5 ISO 200 1/1250th sec.

Yesterday, I was in the backyard with my wife and we have a ritual with Logan (our German Shepherd Dog). Everytime the hose comes out, he gets to have a little play session. 🙂 He loves the stream that comes out of the nozzle. Well it’s been a while since I’ve actively practiced with my camera (with a purpose in mind) so I thought what a good opportunity for some stop motion frames with Logan and the water.

Taking a look at the pics after importing them, it really reminded me why we need to practice our techniques and be familiar with our gear. I was standing too close to the subject! Another alternative could have been to tighten my aperture a little to gain more depth of field. Here’s 6 other photos from the “session”, some work and some don’t 😛

Kordana Roses

Mister Lincoln added to the Garden Family

Last week I added a garden to front of the house, well, a nicer garden anyways. I thought I’d share some photos with you:)

Mister Lincoln is a rose from the Hybrid Tea family. Hybrid Teas are probably the most popular type of rose and are known for there long stems and beautiful blooms, but, they are also a challenge to grow because of a lack of disease resistance and susceptibility to cold temperatures.

Be sure to stay tuned, more pics to come from my garden family!