I don't take pictures…I make memories


Welcome 🙂

Since 2003, when I purchased my very own digital camera, I’ve been obsessed with all that is photography.

I purchased that “point n shoot” for a road trip to Nova Scotia on the east coast of Canada. When I returned, I shared the images with my Mom who had not seen her hometown in almost 30 years and it brought tears to her eyes…tears of joy. It was at that moment that my own philosophy developed about photography. To be able to capture a life moment not for myself, but for others to cherish and enjoy. Channeling my passion for something that I truly love to do and create positive emotions as the end result.

“I don’t take pictures…

…I make memories”

Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, my full-time career currently resides outside of photography, but my dedication to customer satisfaction is unparallel. It’s not about making the most money or selling billboard sized prints, it’s about you having a positive experience and retaining that experience for a lifetime.

I am currently enrolled in the New York Institute of Photography


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