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I’m not a millionaire…but wouldn’t it be nice?

That is the theme I’ve been running into lately 😛

After starting my business, I had this extremely expensive plan to borrow ALOT of money so I could get all the “standard” gear I would need to shoot any given situation. Then reality sank in.

The truth is…I love my photography, it makes me creative, happy and very passionate. I had to really sit back and think about the options I had going into this season. Yes, it would be nice to have all the fast glass I need, the backups, the filters and all the other accessories I wanted. But the truth is (with having a business open for less than a couple of months), I really didn’t want to have a loan payment of a couple hundred dollars a month (for 10 years) to satisfy my “gearhead” cravings. I have a daytime job that pays well and my photography is something that I can go to if I need to get away from the stresses of life for a while, because it’s fun. After seriously thinking about this situation, incurring a loan payment which would force me to make money and all the stresses that go with it, I realized that it would take away from the passion I have for photography and turn it into just another job.

So with that said, I’m going easy on the wallet book this year and I’m only going to purchase one piece of fast glass, and I would like your help 🙂 This is my year of gaining experience. While I’m pretty confident with portrait and family shoots, I’m definitely lacking in the wedding and model departments. With that being said, I’m hoping to assist several times this year to get a feel for it and I’d like to know;

With the above mentioned venues, and only being able to purchase one piece of glass this year, would you purchase a;

  1. 24-70mm 2.8
  2. 70-200mm 2.8
  3. other piece of glass

I look forward to reading and taking all your comment into consideration 🙂


I know you use WordPress but….

I’m starting to shop around for an upgraded blog. I love WordPress and I’ll be sticking with them (YAY!). But honestly, I don’t know CSS or HTML. So I thought I would ask the wordpress.org people out there. Who do you use for a photography blog template provider? I know a couple like graphpaperpress.com and prophotoblogs.com. Share your thoughts and your comments. 🙂

Me to Livebooks: I’m Sorry


Today I received a phone call from the powers that be about my Livebooks “issue”. It seems that the issue with the phone system and the toll free number is directly related to Canadian customers. To be honest, I didn’t even think that the issue would be acknowledged, but the person on the other end of the phone receiver would prove otherwise. Assurance was given from him that the issue would be addressed and hopefully corrected ASAP. As Livebooks is an international company, it is important to them that ALL of their clients can connect to them.

And just for the record, I am still a Livebooks client and despite the very minor issue, I love their designs and would recommend anyone looking for a professionally designed site, go check out Livebooks. And thank you very much for contacting me today. It was a pleasure talking with you and it just proves the level of customer service you and the rest of company maintains for your clients.

Cheers 🙂


Photography Blogs?

Hey everyone!

Let’s help each other out and if you have a photography blog or something related to imaging/social media/marketing; EVEN if you have a blog and live in Toronto or the GTA, leave me a comment here and I’ll come visit and make you part of my blogroll 🙂 Let’s help each other by spreading the word!


taken from the Canadian National Exhibition

If SEO meant “SIX EGGS ONLY”, Rosh Sillars wouldn’t host newmediaphotographer.com

In my last post, I created a simple list of 8 podcasts I believe photographers should listen too. Each one of them has their own way of delivering the news, creative ideas or technical talk that I think all photographers could benefit from. Literally one day after posting that, I discovered newmediaphotographer.com . Hosted by Rosh Sillars, this blog and podcast helps photographers take their passion to the next level.

New Media Photographer: A photographer who publishes to the web http://bit.ly/dAWzxP ~Taken from Podcast 96

If you care at all about Social Media in relation to your photography or want to figure out how to get more traffic to your site, blog or gallery, then listen to or read newmediaphotographer.com . Rosh will take you through the process of becoming efficient at social media. He wants you to be involved! Whether it’s commenting on his blog, phoning into the show or just sharing your blog to help network, Rosh wants to help you and your piece of the social media scene.

So stop in and say hi, subscribe to him on iTunes or just comment on his blog. You won’t be disappointed. 🙂